Advance Care Planning (or ACP) is the process of thinking about, talking about and planning for future health care and end of life care.

Advance Care Planning asks "What matters to you?"

Advance care planning gives everyone a chance to say what’s important to them. It helps people understand what the future might hold and to say what treatment they would and would not want. It helps people, their families and their healthcare teams plan for future and end of life care.

This makes it much easier for families and healthcare providers to know what the person would want - particularly if they can no longer speak for themselves.

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The ACP Plan and Guide has been updated

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Thanks to everyone from around the country who took time to be involved in this work and to feedback on the changes.

New ACP resources are now available for Māori and for people with intellectual disabilities. We wish to acknowledge and congratulate the teams who have been involved in creating these great resources.

Training update

Level 1 update

The site hosting the four ACP eModules has been upgraded. This means it looks a little different but the educational resources are still the same. These resources are freely open to the general public and healthcare staff. Click on the green training button below to register and access the new site.

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A short introduction to Advance Care Planning

"We should be starting to talk about it"

Arthur talks about his future and end-of-life care.

Living for today, planning for tomorrow video
Living For Today Planning For Tomorrow

Watch this film about Arn and Josef's advance care planning stories.

Living for today, planning for tomorrow video